Google Mobile Search Traffic May Overcome Desktop Search By The End Of 2014 | Rand Fishkin Video 1

It is very oblivious that we are using our mobile phones for internet most of the time rather than using it for making calls. This results increase in volume of mobile search engines like google, bing etc.. and also it might take us to the new world where there

Google New Search Engine Layout Launched With Larger Fonts 4

For the past few months Google has been testing many styles and layouts for its search engines. Google did many rapid changes in SEO, Search modes and bots all these years, but not much change in search engine layout. Today Google has launched New Search Results Design With Larger

Force Rewrite Titles in Yoast SEO Plugin 3

I recently noticed that duplicate title tags are getting indexed in Google for one of my WordPress website. It took a while for me to find out why my website title is getting duplicated in goggle search results!. The reason behind this issue is Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin. Today

Top & Most Popular MyThemeShop WordPress Themes 0

Mythemeshop is the best best place to buy budget WordPress themes. They provide high quality WordPress themes for just $35. I have wrote many reviews on mythemeshop WordPress themes before. Today i would like to share one list of best WordPress themes made by mythemshop company. List of Top

How To Change WhatsApp Number in Windows Phone 8 4

This post will describe you about how to migrate your whatsapp account from your old number to new number. How To Change WhatsApp Number in Windows Phone 8 Follow the below photo tutorial to change your whatsapp number. Step -1 Start Whatapp. Step -2  Go to Settings. Step-  3